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A Look at Nash-Buckingham Park in Memphis, Tennessee

The beautiful park named after General Robert Alexander Nash-Buckingham was originally built in 1864. It was built to serve as an addition to an existing park that was on the edge of the Mississippi River. When the park was built, it covered nearly half of the area of the existing park including the Tennessee River. Today it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area of Memphis, Tennessee. Visit this link for more information.

Most of the structure was constructed with the use of poured concrete. Because it is a solid structure, the park was able to withstand heavy downpours of water from the Mississippi River and remain standing. To protect the structural integrity of the park, many smaller structures were installed to protect the children as they played in the park. The playground structures consist of swings, monkey bars, climbing frames, sandboxes, and mini-golf courses, amongst many others. Read about Have Thrilling Adventures At Heroes Park in Memphis, Tennessee here. 

It has also become one of the places that the community children gather around in the summer to play games such as catch, volleyball, and even baseball. The playgrounds and parks are also used on school days as a place for students to meet and bond with other children, teachers, parents, and grandparents. Several events are held regularly in the park, which helps bring the local schools together for activities such as sports, picnics, concerts, and even dances.