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A Look at Shelby Farms Park Water Playground in Memphis, Tennessee

The famous Shelby Farms Park is located on the south side of Memphis, Tennessee. It is one of the largest regional parks with over thirteen thousand acres of beautiful greenery, hills, ponds, and rivers to explore. The park’s beautiful landscape is surrounded by wooded mountain slopes and dense vegetation. The park also offers a wide variety of activities, many of which include an outdoor swimming pool, water playground, hiking trails, nature trails, and picnic areas. See more here.

If you are looking for a cool family day out and want to get out of the heat of city life, head to the water playground located right next to the park. There are numerous activities that you can enjoy when you are here, such as biking, picnicking, hiking, and horseback riding. If you have older kids at home, there are also several different activities for them to take part in. If you want to play a sport, you will be able to find an open field just outside of the park where you can run, jump, and catch anything that happens to be in the air! See here for information about Traveling to Sea Isle Park in Memphis, Tennessee.

One of the main attractions of the park is its interactive children’s playground. This huge playground area includes trampolines, swings, playhouses, monkey bars, and much more. For older kids and teens, there is an activity zone with basketball hoops, a tennis court, sandboxes, climbing walls, and more.