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Nonconnah, Tennessee: A Place of Wonders

Nonconnah, Tennessee is a small town that has seen better days. The population has been steadily declining for the past 50 years and it’s not likely to turn around anytime soon. Nonconnah was once a thriving city with lots of industry jobs, but now this sleepy community is just waiting on its demise. Nonconnah may seem like an unlikely place to visit, but there are some interesting attractions in Nonconnah worth checking out. Information can be found here.

Nonconnah’s Caverns were once a popular attraction for tourists, but now it is just The Nonconnah Volunteer Fire Department was established by volunteers from around the community and has been operating since 1911. They still volunteer firefighters today! Nonconnah Cemetery provides residents with an opportunity to visit their loved ones’ graves without having to travel too far away. This historic cemetery dates back as early as 1857 and offers some beautiful views of Nonconnah Lake at sunset! Nonconnah Tennessee may not be on your radar – there’s nothing there to see after all – but if you’re looking for something off the beaten path, Nonconnah is for you. See here for information about ​Berclair, Memphis: A Rural Experience.