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Richwood, Memphis, Tennessee – The Unique and Charming Community

Richwood, Memphis, Tennessee, is a unique American city located along the Ozark River, and it is a significant tourist destination in the state of Tennessee. Richwood, Tennessee, has a unique history. It was once a flourishing cotton trading center, and today, it is known for its sizeable musical heritage, rich music festivals, and attractions, including the famous Graceland Museum of Art. Tourists come to Richwood for world-class museums and entertainment. The town is also well known for many fine hotels and other lodging establishments. Click here for facts about Memphis, TN.

In the early part of the 20th century, the town was heavily involved with the cotton industry. People flock to Richwood because there is a railroad connection to Memphis. Many famous entertainers have made their homes in the town. Elvis and the Beach Boys and several attractions include the Graceland Museum of Art, a museum featuring different memorabilia and artwork from the Graceland era. The riverfront bridge in the town allows for easy access to the downtown area and the famous Beale Street. If you love nature and history, then you will love Richwood. Richwood is also known as the “Gnarble Stone Capital of the World” because of the many outcrops and caves. Many of the caves have rock columns in them that have been there for centuries. There are several historical attractions in the town such as The Green Hills historic district, The Black Warrior Museum, The Hobby Lobby Historic Site, The Tennessee Star Museum, The Green Hills City Park, The Wildfire Grill, The Rock House, The Battle Mountain Country Club, and many more. The famous roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain is in Richwood. The only amusement park that offers rides themed after the Wild West is Richwood. Click here to read about Raleigh, Memphis, Tennessee Attraction Galore.

The town of Richwood, Memphis, TN, is very family-oriented, and that is why so many kids take part in the many athletic events held at the local recreation complex. You can also go swimming in the pea ponds located in the downtown area. There is a wide range of restaurants in the Richwood area that serve quality food. It is the right place for you to shop because there are many antique shops and department stores. Many people make the trip to Richwood just to unwind and relax.