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It’s important you look your best – but it can be hard to plan enough time in the morning to get ready for the day. One of the simplest ways to minimize your daily makeup routine is by investing in lash extensions Memphis. It feels great to wake up in the morning and be ready for the day, without spending time with an eyelash curler and mascara in hand. 

If you want a lazy morning routine and the benefit of eyes that stand out, then eyelash extensions offer everything you need. Clients love that they can enjoy long, full, dark lashes every day without the application of layers of mascara.

What You Need to Know: Eyelash Extensions in Memphis, TN

Eyelash extensions are carefully applied using glue that holds the extensions on the top of your natural lashes. Professional lash extensions are placed by hand. When done right, they look real and are customizable to your preferences for color, length, and thickness. On the other hand, cheap drugstore lashes come in strips, which is a drawback if you are going for a real, natural appearance. 

Some people are concerned about potential damage to their natural lashes. Professional applications, quality products, and the right care help to protect your natural lashes. While there isn’t much evidence that extensions affect your natural lash length, it’s always best to choose a reputable, well-reviewed provider.

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Minkys Eyelash Extensions

At SkinBody Memphis, quality is always our priority. We source our eyelash extensions from Minkys – one of the leading brands in the industry. They look and feel natural, and can last up to 2 months depending on the growth cycle of your eyelashes. Most people like to come in for touch ups every 3 or 4 weeks.

While real mink lashes are created using hair sourced from the tail of a mink, it’s more common to use synthetic materials. Minkys uses faux mink lashes instead, which create a little more of a bold, glossier look. They are curved to replicate the natural eyelash, with single strands of extensions carefully place to create an optimal appearance.

If you want eyelash extensions Memphis, TN, then our team is here to offer the quality services you deserve. Call SkinBody Memphis to learn more about eyelash extensions in Memphis.

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