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Why Should You Visit Gaisman Park in Memphis, Tennessee?

Gaisman Park in Memphis, Tennessee is one of the most popular golf courses in the city. The park has a beautiful setting of trees and greens surrounded by the city of Memphis. This is a nine-hole, par seventy golf course. The park is managed by Green County, but the management is in charge of the golfing facilities at the park. This means that the course can only be used by people who belong to the Green County residents. However, the city does allow outside residents to use the course if they have written permission from the resident. Learn information about Memphis, TN here.

The reason that the golf course is open to the outside community is that it is considered a public park and is subject to state park laws. These laws dictate how public parks are run. They also outline how golf courses are to be operated. These laws are designed to help maintain the natural resources of the parks and to keep them clean and protected for future generations. Many people who live out in the countryside of town would prefer to golf instead of riding their bikes, and this is where these parks can help them. Discover facts about Cricket Ground in Memphis, Tennessee – A Wonderful Place to See on Your Vacation.

There is a great deal of history surrounding the course at Gaisman Park. The birthplace of Tiger Woods was on site many years ago. Bill Feller was a golf pro at the time and he loved playing at the park. It was in this location that he learned how to play golf and eventually went on to play it professionally for eighteen years. As well, Nick Faldo is another former professional golfer that now owns this golf course. The courses are named for the very famous golfers of the past.