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A Brief Introduction to Old Forest State Natural Area in Memphis, Tennessee

The Old Forest State Natural Area in Memphis, Tennessee is a large wooded preserve or forested area that provides a glimpse into the history of the Blackfoot Indians. This historical area was home to numerous tribes of the Cheyenne, Arapahoe, Cherokee, Creek, and Washburn. Today, it is home to several species of animals such as deer, bear, elk, mule deer, and many more. The Old Forest Arboretum is a large natural harbor and forested area located within Overwood Park, Memphis, Tennessee. It is open to the general public every day without charge. The old forest was listed on the National Register of Historic Places sometime between 1979 and the present. Further facts about Memphis, TN can be found here.

The Old Forest State Natural Area is also home to several historic sites that are a part of the rich Blackfoot Indian heritage. Many of the tribes of animals can be found within the Old Forest State Natural Area in and around Overwood Park, Memphis, Tennessee. The various tribes of animals, plants, and birds that can be found in the area are a great attraction to those people who live near them. Information about A Look at Nash-Buckingham Park in Memphis, Tennessee can be found here. 

One of the most important features of the Old Forest State Natural Area in Memphis, Tennessee is the Overwood Park trail system. The park system provides trail rides through the forest canopy in the Old Town and up to the Braxton Place Trail. Some of the trails include hiking, biking, and bird watching. This nature trail system provides a beautiful overlook of downtown Memphis and offers an enjoyable way to spend a day.